Meet Chris and Emily Mailliard DoTERRA Health and Wellness Advocates

Meet Chris and Emily.

A few years ago while researching natural medicine I discovered essential oils. I bought a few from different sites but wasn’t sure how to use them and I knew nothing about quality. Then a friend gave me a sample of doTERRA’s essential oils and I was hooked. It worked so well for a skin issue I had. I could tell they were different. After I got my home essentials kit I was still a bit skeptical until my daughter had serious digestive issues. I used doTERRA’s oils and within 2 hours her symptoms subsided and within 12 hours she had no more issues! Since then I’ve shared these powerful gifts with so many because these oils have truly made an impact in our home, saving us time, money and frustration. From seasonal threats to mood/emotion to stress to sleep to pain to sinus issues, we have found a solution in Doterra’s essential oils and I will never stop sharing them! Contact me and I’m happy to help you too!