An Oily Day! (A daily routine with doTERRA essential oils)

Now that you have oils…oils sitting on the counter staring at you…..oils that you’re scratching your head about and asking “Well, what do I do with this now?”…..You may be thinking, “How can I develop a daily regimen with my oils to help me stay well, physically and emotionally?” Actually, you’re probably thinking, “I spent a lot of money on these oils! They better work!” Calm down now. Just breathe (hey, did you know that’s an oil blend?) and keep reading.

While everyone’s health needs are different, there are some basic oily routines that will help anyone boost their immune system, improve productivity, energy, and overall wellness. We have found great success in this routine:


-Brush with OnGuard toothpaste (Did you know it has no just the OnGuard blend, but also Myrrh! Why this ancient oil? Find out here.)

-Rub 1-2 drops of peppermint onto neck to get out of bed lickity-split! (Ok, so maybe not that fast, but it sure does invigorate! Now, should you dilute? Check out our post “To Dilute or Not to Dilute: That’s the question!”

-One drop each of lemon (to detoxify) and OnGuard blend (to boost immunity) in water or other morning beverage (ok, it may taste a bit strange in coffee- but tea– oh yeah!).

-Take 1/2 dose of Lifelong Vitality supplements (Why in the world does an essential oil company sell supplements? And how are they the #1 product? Find out here.)


-Take 1/2 dose of Lifelong Vitality supplements (Yes, you need them! Otherwise you will be drooling on your desk by 3 pm….just trust me!)

-Before/After lunch 1-5 drops of Slim and Sassy metabolic blend (This blend has other positive side effects besides curbing hunger, namely an energy boost!)

-1-2 capsules of Terrazyme (because I just had to eat that very cooked, very processed Pizza. What’s wrong with cooked food? Doesn’t everyone cook their food. Check this out.)

-1-3 drops each of lemon and/or OnGuard protective blend in beverage with lunch (you already know H2O is best, right? Yes, we thought so….)

-Rub Intune on back of neck during work/homeschooling (because yes, I get distracted….I have two small kids….need I say more?)


-1-2 capsules of terrazyme with dinner because………spaghetti.

-1 capsule PB Assist Probiotic with dinner (see why this is the BEST probiotic ever.)

-1-5 drops slim and sassy metabolic blend to conquer late night munchies (sometimes I win and sometimes I don’t, but this at least gives me an edge! Pure honesty here!)

-1-2 drops each of balance and serenity on back of neck and/or bottom of feet (so I don’t go postal on my kids while putting them to bed….did I mention I am a very honest person?)

-1-2 Serenity Restful Blend softgels 30 mins before bed.

-Brush with OnGuard toothpaste.

Lights out.

Nighty night.