Me, My Thoughts, and a Bottle of Bergamot

Me, My Thoughts, and a Bottle of Bergamot


When someone injects negativity into my life, my habit is to lay my arm flat and allow the needle to sink in, the drug spreading through my veins and every part of me, consuming my thoughts and feelings. It’s a vivid and grotesque picture, I know, And negativity isn’t a drug, you may say. Oh, but yes it is. It intoxicates and makes me unaware of reality. It begs my mind for more and leaves me empty and yet my addiction grows. And before I know it there’s a despair, a darkness, a pool of tears and I’m drunk on my own sorrow. Because it’s just easier to give in. It’s easier not to fight. I’ve never been addicted to actual drugs, but this– this has been my metaphorical drug of choice.


Enter a bottle of bergamot. And prayer. Drops on wrists, in the diffuser, and deep breaths of that citrus aroma. A pleading for help, for strength. An asking for the only One that can take away my darkness and restore Light. Somehow, someway those little aromatic compounds entered my brain and gave me the nudge, the push, to continue to seek what I know to be true- that He has overcome darkness and it really is okay. Yes, it was God who did the work, but his Creation assisted. And we know his Creation declares His glory (Psalm 19:1, Romans 1:20).


Essential oils? Really? How can essential oils declare God’s glory? Let’s rewind. Start with the plant that God created. In that plant is a liquid teeming with molecules that perform tasks that the plant needs to survive, even thrive. Enter humans with the technology to extract that liquid (and who gave the humans the capacity to do this? Rhetorical question…) Said liquid is extracted and used as medicine, most assuredly as God intended. This liquid is genius. It has a complex array of molecules that work in harmony to defend the good (in this case the plant, or the human) and deter and defeat the bad (in this case the nearly invisible organisms that make us feel terrible). And these aromatic compounds have perfect ratios and proportions to affect positive change in the body. And they just happen to work harmoniously with our cells. Just happen? Chance? No, the deeper you investigate the more you find… Purposeful design. Intelligent design. No chance, no happenstance. Logic tells us that there is no way matter exploded and formed something purposeful, useful, structured, measured, and intricate like essential oils. And that, of course, is just one example.


So, now back to my addiction, my struggle. How do I overcome? I create a new thought path in my brain (essential oils can help with this detour) and a new hope in my spirit. I say “I” but I’m really using the tools God has given me in His creation and I submit to His Spirit working in me. And I do it over and over again. Until my arm does not submit and the needle does not penetrate. Until it seems like the Sun doesn’t stop shining- at least on me- even though around me there is darkness. Maybe, just maybe there are hidden miracles for us. Miracles the Lord has placed in his Creation that are waiting to be discovered, to be unwrapped. Maybe these miracles can reveal more about who He is and his intention for us. Maybe, just maybe, one of these miracles is essential oils.


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